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It can be hard to find an honest Internet Marketing product review nowadays. Everybody wants to make money, everybody is busy, so everybody uses the same "canned" reviews that product makers write. The result is that it can be almost impossible to find an honest review. We're no different; we're just as busy as the owners of those "other" review site blogs -- but we still take the time to create each and every review from scratch.

Why do we do this? Because you might meet us in person some day -- and we'd hate to find out that we recommended a product that was worthless to you and ended up costing you a lot of time, money, and frustration. That's not what friends, neighbors, and business associates do -- nor is it what we do.

So we strive to write fair product reviews based on our honest opinion. If we don't have access to the product we're reviewing, we tell you that "up front" -- and in those cases, we tell you what we think will happen, based on our experience.

Sometimes we'll tell you that the product is good. Sometimes we'll recommend that you "cautiously proceed". And sometimes, we'll flat-out suggest that you run the other way just as fast as you can (you can scream as you run, if you like...).

Yes, we are a review site -- but we aren't just another, "me, too", "cookie cutter" type of site. We hope this difference encourages you to come back frequently.

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P.S. -- We're hoping to soon implement a "rewards system". What we have in mind is that using our links to buy something will give you "reward points" that you can use to get products from us and other participating product owners. But unlike those "other review sites", we think that YOU should be able to choose what you want. So check back often; we'll get that going just as soon as we can figure out the technology...

And remember this: Buying products via our links will never affect the price you pay for the products -- unless we can talk the product owner into lowering the price for you...!

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